Taghiti Gericke's surf anything ride anything attitude adventurously applies to where she'll paddle out, where she'll travel to - simply put the answer is anywhere. This Sisstr's free surf spirit leans toward the wild not surprisingly to her friends or family who embody and exclude the vibe of their hometown of Wilderness, South Africa.

More on that straight from Taghiti;

I grew up in the Wilderness. Name says it all.** Wilderness is a beautiful, green and quiet little town where lush forest meets the sea. Usually best known as a place for people to get away, with all the hiking, rivers, waterfalls and nature. My home is a wooden and cob house that my parents slowly built and are always adding on to. They have had our small veggie farm for the past 20 years and I’ve never lived anywhere else. I grew up with my parents always teaching us to eat from the garden and healthy good food has always been a big part of home.
Taghiti and Bob Marley

There are so many waves around here that are perfect but uncrowded because the sea is really alive here and it’s known for being sharky. I have two little brothers, Aya and River. They both surf and so does my dad. One of my favorite things about being home is that I can surf perfect waves with just my family out. Each day has potential for a new adventure and I’m really grateful for the unique lifestyle I’ve grown up with here.
November 27, 2018