We’re excited for the opportunity to make a difference while doing the things we love. Alongside Ventana Surfboards and other amazing companies listed below, sustainable handplanes and accessories are being created for the love of the ocean and surf while reducing the amount of waste that would otherwise head towards the landfill.

We’ve sent offcut neoprene to be upcycled + utilized in the making of super soft Ventana Hand Plane straps that are ready to hit the waves with you!

You only need a single handplane on your leading arm for a great ride every time! These are terrific conversation pieces in your home and will slice you across the face of any sized surf.
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This fish-shaped, performance handplane is made from Owens Corning packing material that was headed to the landfill. It's incredibly lightweight (only 221 grams!), and fiberglassing ensures that it's strong and ready for the waves.

It's glassed with Aerialite fiberglass and Entropy Super Sap Epoxy bio-resin which is non-toxic and is made using a tree sap base. The colors were created using resin tints donated to Ventana by Locus Surfboards.

The hand strap is nylon and adjustable. It is covered with offcuts from SisstrEvolution product development, and the plane is shaped with unique, ergonomic hand fit. The hardware is solid brass. As with all Ventana handplanes, this one floats so you can easily pass it between friends in the waves.

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Hot off the Block!
Online Exclusive

Introducing a usable piece of art designed and produced by master craftsman Martijn Stiphout in Santa Cruz, California. It’s lasercut to exact specifications, hand oiled and assembled by Ventana.

Comes with:
Bar of Ventana Cold Water XXL wax with surf-related fortune
5 Integrated fin screws
Allen wrench secured with tiny magnets
Leash Cord
Wax Comb and scraper lid
Recycled guitar pick
Stainless steel ring bottle opener

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