From Surfing’s new school of young rising talent, Sisstrevolution welcomes 17-year-old performance surfer Samantha Sibley to the Sisstr team.

San Clemente continues to be one of surfing’s hot-beds for raising young surf stars; so her hometown shout out won’t raise an eyebrow. What will: the power and grace she applies to her lay-backs, reverses, a big floats, throwing tail blows applying sure speed and practiced control.

I'm really proud of my improvement in progressive surfing, barrel riding, and rail surfing. With lowers being my home break, I'm very fortunate to work on my rail game almost every day. I try to push my limits every session.
Sam Sibley Sisstrevolution 7 Seas

Sisstr is so unique in the fact that they support women's surfing and equality within our sport. As a female surfer it means so much to me when a brand recognizes the power and grace of women's surfing and are true advocates of it. Sisstr embodies the true meaning of loving the ocean, the environment, and celebrating women on waves. -Samantha Sibley
Samantha Sibley Lowers

Watch Sibley compete flashing fresh Sisstr logos for judges as soon as the Nissan Super Girl Pro at Oceanside Pier July 26-28.

All photos shot by Jason Naude.