Indie Hoffman grew up the at the beach. Her mom’s family surfs, her dad’s family surfs, all her cousins surf – so does Indie. Ask her who taught her how to surf she says, “my whole family.”

“I love (being a part of a strong surfing family), my Grampa always tells me ‘you’re holding up the Hoffman in surfing’ and it makes me feel good.”

Indie’s twelve; in the seventh grade and we’d talked women’s surfing, contests and stuff she likes.

San Onofre

Photo credit: Blue Engelking

Do you like traveling to compete and surf?

If I have never surfed a certain spot before, we have to go there earlier, and we had to miss school. I like that and traveling, it’s fun because I get to surf with all my friends in a new spot.

Longboard or shortboard, what do like better?

It just depends on the wave or the place. If it is sand and it is small; I’ll longboard. If there’s sand really big; I’ll definitely shortboard.

Where do you love to surf?

I think I would choose Lowers because then if it was small I could always bring my longboard and surf at middles.

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled so far in your life surfing?

Bali. I loved it. It was so fun. I liked seeing how happy people were surfing no matter what their life was in that moment, and it’s like the world’s famous wave. It’s crazy to feel all of that.

Uluwatu, Bali

You are the younger generation of surfing and we are seeing more younger girls in the water surfing at a higher level. And at same time you are seeing more and more girls just locally in the water enjoying surfing. At your age have you noticed a difference? What do you think of all this for women’s surfing?

I like more girls in water but then like sometimes I don’t like it because I like being the only girl. I know it’s selfish. I like surfing with all the boys because they push me to do harder. But I also like it when I am surfing with all my friends like all the girls and stuff.

Name a place you’ve never surfed and you’d want to go to.

That’s tough. There’s a few places. Teahupo’o on a small day and then anywhere on an island, Mainland, Mexico and all kind of places. Yeah!

What is your ultimate surfing goal this year or in the next two years?

I kind of want to do swayback or Tail Slide.

I want to win but then at the same time I just want to do well. If I make the semifinals I am still proud of myself but sometimes it’s embarrassing when you have to go up and receive your sixth-place trophy in front of so many kids who are really good.

Anything besides surfing, second passion?

I guess it would be skateboarding. I haven’t really done that in a while. I kind of like shaping my own surfboards. I kind of want to get in to that more. I started a YouTube channel. This weekend I am going to film a video but it’s so much work.

Cabo, Mexico

San Onofre

Photo credit: Cory Ida

February 28, 2019