Fiji is the best spot for the ultimate girls summer surf trip. I've spent the past 5 summers with my best friend/sister, Alanna down in Fiji.
We stay on a little island called Namotu that is hugged by some of the best waves, and every morning we are woken up by waves crashing on the sand.

You can be out in the middle of the ocean, or on a sand bar... so disconnected from the rest of the world....
Surfing in Fiji is so special because there are so many beautiful reefs that fish live on; and the water is so crystal clear that you can see fish swim by, eating off the coral while you are sitting on your board in the line up.

There are six surf breaks around the island, so everyday depending on the swell direction, you have lots of options to pick from! My favorite place to surf on my longboard is right in front of the island called Namotu Lefts or ''the left'' for short.

I've had some of my favorite surf sessions with my Fiji Sisters here. Im so lucky to be able to enjoy this special island and get to surf in beautiful water every summer. I'm already dreaming of our next trip down to Fiji. Vinaka aka Levu Fiji - Thank you for being my special place xo!!!