We took a moment to sit down and ask Ryann Daly some of the things that make her, her.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT SURFING? I love that I get to see all my friends out in the water and make some really amazing, lifelong friendships from surfing. I also just love being in the water, it’s where I feel the most free and where I forget about everything else. I try to make it the most relaxed and fun as possible, but sometimes when the waves get a little bigger it feels really great to push myself and have a sense of adrenaline. Also, getting a good wave is the best feeling.

WHERE’S YOUR HOME BREAK AND HOW OFTEN DO YOU SURF IT? My home break is Salt Creek and you will usually find me there everyday either before or after school. There are so many different breaks to surf and the community is very tight and supportive. I have basically grown up there and everything about it is very familiar and comfortable for me. It’s really cool to paddle out and see some friendly faces. There are some great surfers and people who I have gotten lucky enough to become friends with.

BEST SURF TRIP? Last summer, I went to Bali in Indonesia and it was epic. My family and I love to travel and usually go on a trip every year. We have gone to some pretty amazing places all around the world, but Bali is so special. The people there are super nice and friendly, the waves are insane, and the culture is very happy and kind. It was an eye opening experience to see how the people on the other side of the world live. I made the most unforgettable memories there, so Bali definitely holds a place in my heart and I hope I can go back someday soon.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT COMPETING IN THE WATER? In the water, I enjoy to compete because I get to push myself and surround myself by some of the best girls surfers in the area. It motivates me to try harder and rise up to their level. Sometimes the stress can be overwhelming, so it’s good to sometimes let go of the results and just focus more on the aspect of surfing that is fun and carefree. Competing definitely brings out your true character, and I think there are some really important lessons to learn about being a good sport and supporting your friends, no matter win or lose.

ANYONE HELPING YOU? Both my mom and dad surf and they have definitely had the biggest impact on my love for surfing. They are always really supportive of me and are my number one fans. My dad has been surfing creek for long before I was born, so he was the one who introduced me to the break and has helped me to meet people there and get some good waves. My mom is the one who takes me surfing everyday and is constantly encouraging me and shaping me into the person and surfer I am, and in the summer she will paddle out with me for a few. My uncle and grandpa also surf so they are always trying to help me become the best surfer I can be. My shaper, Dan Boehne @ Infinity Surfboards, has really helped me figure out my board situation and find what the best thing is for me to ride and progress.

ANY PLANS THIS SUMMER? I can’t wait to finish out my freshman year of high school and be able to relax and surf all day, everyday this summer. As of right now, I don’t have any trips planned for this summer yet, but we are trying to come up with something fun. I hope we can find some good waves and make great memories with friends and family, though!

April 17, 2019