A Photo Journal by Liz Hauser

I travel for work.

Yes, it’s amazing, but can have that bittersweet factor of not being able to savor every drop all these beautiful corners that the globe has to offer, as one would on a proper vacation. That said, my routine these days is to keep work trips anything but “routine.”

Here’s a recipe to cook up a work/play trip cocktail in Barbados:

Step 1: Land in Bridgetown and get to Bathsheba. Don’t know where Bathsheba is? It will only take approximately 2-4 local Bajans to point you in the right direction. Speaking of Bajans, the nicest people you will ever meet. They’ve embodied living in paradise with similar notes of a perfectly crafted Rum Punch.

Sweet, spicy and a hint of Jah.

blue beach
kids dip
Step 2: Check the surf. Surf Soup Bowl. Once you get yourself over to Bathsheba and get those eyes on soup bowl, you’re gonna want to surf. But don’t just take it from me, Kelly Slater celebrates Soup Bowl as “one of the top three waves in the world”. Soup Bowl packs a punch and is one of most consistent breaks in the Caribbean. Its name is no mistake as the turquoise wall bowls at you while it slabs across a reef. The crowd was pretty dense while I was there due to two international surf and SUP events going on during that week. Despite the crowd everyone was getting in on the action because Soup Bowl really is just the gift that keeps on giving. The surf was a consistent 3-5 feet during the entire week and with the variable weather conditions it was likely you could luck into a magical clean-up moment. Unfortunately on my trip I never got to surf it in it’s full glory as the events ran priority on the best conditions but the sessions I did get to sneak into tempted me enough with shades of it’s potential.
dominos trip
Step 3: Once surfed out, play dominoes. It’s also very important to stay hydrated.

Step 4: Get your eyes on the horizon. Barbados is the most easterly sitting island in the Caribbean making it an ample platform for myriad of weather conditions a.k.a. photo ops.

end liz
Step 5: Explore. Every nook and cranny of this island could be a postcard… Or a vinyl cover, specifically Eddy Grant’s Killer on the Rampage. I spent a good portion of my free time hunting down the rock background depicted on said cover. Pretty sure I found it, my next stop is to record a remix of Electric Avenue.

Photos & Words by Liz Hauser